Session 2 Registration and Info

Session 2 2019
January- February

Age Group Format Primary Play Dates (alternate) Price Register Here
U6 5v5 Saturday  $650

U8 2 @4v4 Saturday  $850

U10 Boys 7v7 Saturday  $895

U10 Girls 7v7 Saturday $895

U12 Boys 7v7 Saturday (Sunday) $895

U12 Girls 7v7 Saturday (Sunday) $895

U14 Boys 6v6 Sunday (Saturday) $895

U14 Girls 6v6 Saturday (Sunday) $895

U16 Boys 6v6 Saturday (Sunday) $895

U16 Girls 6v6 Saturday (Sunday) $895

U17 Boys 6v6 Saturday (Sunday) $895

U17 Girls 6v6 Sunday (Saturday) $895

U18/19 Boys 6v6 Saturday (Sunday) $895

U18/19 Girls 6v6 Sunday (Saturday) $895


If you have any questions or issues registering please contact us at or call 518.383.0991