Hometown Dodgeball

Hometown Dodgeball

$10 a week paid each week before gameplay. Dodgeball participants must register for facility use at www.sportsplexofhalfmoon.com before they are given permission to play. Registration with Sportsplex of Halfmoon includes online account creation, signed waiver and an active membership ($12) which will cover athletes for 1 year with any Sportsplex of Halfmoon activities.  

Monday nights (hardcore): 8:30-10:30pm

This is the traditional style with the rubber balls. Modified National Dodgeball League rules will be used and games are played upstairs in the mini field. This is the more competitive division. All are welcome and new teams will be made each night to keep the two hours of games fun and competitive.

Wednesday nights (softcore): 8:30-10:30pm

This is recreational style with foam (gator skin) balls. Modified National Dodgeball League rules are used upstairs on the mini field. If hardcore isn’t really your style, this will be. We encourage co-ed teams, but all are welcome and teams will be made each night.

for dodgeball related questions: contact Rob Immel at dodge1ball@gmail.com //  find us on facebook! “hometown dodgeball” 
for help/information on Sportsplex of Halfmoon registration: info@sportsplexofhalfmoon.com