Registration Instructions:


Step 1:  After creating an account and signing the waivers for yourself and your children navigate to the home screen of your account..


Step 2:  Click on register which is on the gray bar across the top of the page. This will bring up three options of registration. Click on "Teams & leagues"  then select "individual".


Step 3:  This will bring up the option of all of the people under your account (yourself and your children). If you have not added your children to the account this is where you do so by clicking New Child. *If you are adding a child you have to create them then re-login to sign their waiver. Finally select the person that you are registering and click continue.


Step 4:  A list of all the teams that your child is age eligible for will be brought up. On the top of the screen you will see a drop down that is labeled season which defaults to "All Seasons".  To make your search easier select the current season from that drop down - for example "Soccer Session 1 2013".  Then click search. (most things non soccer will be located in the rental group season)


Step 5:  Find the team you are on from the list and click on the "join" link to the left of the team name.  Then say yes to sending the request and continue reading for instructions on paying the membership.


*Managers / Coaches: You must call the sportsplex to be added to these teams and added as a manager. the request from players to join the roster comes to your account so you have to frequently check your account to make sure you are accepting your players.  The request accept or deny option will be at the top of your team.



Membership Instructions:


Step 1:  Log in to your account.  If you have not signed the online wavier this will be the first screen you see.  Fill it out and click continue.


Step 2:  Make sure you are on your home page.


Step 3:  Scroll down about half way on the home screen.  On the right side of the screen you will see a button that reads purchase memberships.


Step 4:  Click the button.  This will bring up the membership product, which is called "player membership".  Check the box in front of player membership.


Step 5:  After checking the player membership box it will bring up the names of the parent and the children under that account..  Select the name of the person you are buying the membership for and add it to the cart.  If you are only buying one membership you may continue to check out.


*if you are purchasing more than one membership for multiple children or for yourself (as a coach or manager) read below:

If buying more than one membership do not continue to check out.  After adding the first membership to the cart, return to the home screen and repeat steps 1 through 5 for the next person you are purchasing a membership for.  Once you have added all the necessary memberships to your cart you can proceed to check out.